KARYON manufactures and sells plant protection, nutrition and biostimulant products. Its comprehensive catalogue offers farmers agronomic solutions through products that are registered and recognised by the market.

KARYON sells its products and brands through an established network of major provincial and regional distributors, successfully covering the whole of the Spanish market.

KARYON is present in the main cultivations such as olive trees, vineyards, fruit trees, citrus trees, beetroot, winter cereals, corn, rice, cotton, extensive and intensive horticulture, subtropical crops and others.


KARYON has always been noble in its origin and purpose. With its roots deep in the remotest part of man’s history. The word “Karyon” refers to a walnut tree of the Juglandaceae family, known from ancient times and dedicated to the god Jupiter.

KARYON is a term that has always been associated with agriculture. The wood of the/this tree, considered noble, is hard, homogeneous, warm and of high quality. It is reddish-brown in colour, grained, can be beautifully polished through careful treatment and is highly valued in the art of cabinetmaking.

As a company, KARYON also aims to be noble. Taking care of our customers, always guaranteeing a safe, continuous and stable supply of plant protection and nutrition products with carefully controlled production processes, thus ensuring they are of a very high quality, which gives prestige to the user and guarantees a reliable response to their requirements for healthy, safe and profitable crops.

KARYON is experience, security, reliability and quality, providing a guarantee from noble beginnings to the best of harvests.